“This is was such an important part of our week because we don’t know many people here yet since we just moved here. My kids got to interact with other kids and that was great. Also the meals we got helped immensely. I appreciate this program so much. Everybody is so nice and helpful and the garden is such a beautiful space.”

“Practicing conflict resolution with new friends was an invaluable opportunity for [my child]. She came home singing every day.”

“My daughter looked forward to clay camp every week but it was very surprising to see my two sons and my husband also enjoying time spent working on the pottery together.”

“[Our child] wasn’t speaking in public (and sometimes at home) a lot, and while she didn’t end up speaking at Art in the Garden, she really valued the deep play. Since then she’s been talking a lot more… and enjoying each day again.”

“My girl is a non verbal girl in the spectrum, but every time I took the bag with the clay on it she got very excited. She and her brother also liked the painting part. As a mom, I liked the lunches, books and the teacher and staff people.”

“I love watching my kids get creative with clay. It’s an activity that they can participate in together (mostly without arguing) and express themselves creatively. The lessons taught the basics and the teachers encouraged them to expand upon their ideas. They are very proud of their creations!”

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