Themes and Daily Routines

Our weeks are centered around the following themes to strengthen our social and emotional development and deepen connections to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Week 1: Identifying Emotions

Week 2: Self-Image

Week 3: Self-Management

Week 4: Perspective Taking

Week 5: Acceptance (Empathy, Diversity, Respect)

Week 6: Communication

Additional themes in our curriculum: Teamwork, Problem Solving (Constructive Choices), and Compassion (Ethical Responsibility)

Schedule: Predictable schedules are important to children, particularly in a world filled with so many unknowns. Here is what a typical day looks like at Art in the Garden.

9 am: Breakfast and Free Play

9:30 am: Morning Circle. We greet each other, do a mindfulness activity, make music, and/or engage in an activity around the week’s theme.

10 am: Arts/Ecology Workshop

10:45 am: Free Play at garden stations (Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Space), athletic activities, or fort building

11:30 am: Lunch

12:15 pm: Ecological activity or Free Play

12:45 pm: Afternoon Circle

1 pm: Pick up/ End of Camp