Themes and Daily Routines

Our weeks are centered around the following themes to strengthen our social and emotional development and deepen connections to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Week 1: Identifying Emotions

Week 2: Self-Image

Week 3: Self-Management

Week 4: Perspective Taking

Week 5: Acceptance (Empathy, Diversity, Respect)

Week 6: Communication

Additional themes in our curriculum: Teamwork, Problem Solving (Constructive Choices), and Compassion (Ethical Responsibility)

Schedule: Predictable schedules are important to children, particularly in a world filled with so many unknowns. Here is what a typical day looks like at Art in the Garden. While we can’t be together this summer, elements from this schedule may be enjoyable for your family. Remember to build in time each day for adult self-care and one-on-one time with your child(ren). Five to ten minutes can go a long way!

9 am: Breakfast and Free Play

9:30 am: Morning Circle. We greet each other, do a mindfulness activity, make music, or engage in an activity around the week’s theme.

10 am: Arts/Ecology Activity or Free Play at garden stations (Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Space)

10:30 am: Art Workshop or Storymobile (Dancing and Drumming, Ceramics, and Theater)

11:30 am: Lunch

12:15 pm: Ecological activity or Free Play

12:45 pm: Afternoon Circle

1 pm: Pick up/ End of Camp