Welcome to Art in the Garden

OMA Center for Mind, Body and Spirit’s Art in the Garden’s year-round programming supports youth in holding themselves and others in compassion and growing in connection to self, others, and the Earth.

In order to support this journey, Art in the Garden’s programs seek to address the impacts of childhood adversity and trauma on health and learning. Art in the Garden is LGBTQ+ led, trauma-informed, culturally responsive, liberatory, and joy-centered.

Art in the Garden’s programming in the arts and ecology, held at Borland Garden in East Liberty, gives youth tools to reduce stress and empowers confidence, compassion, and civic engagement. Youth deepen self-awareness by identifying and honoring their emotions, thoughts, and values; youth engage restorative practices that strengthen relationships, teamwork, and conflict transformation skills; and youth develop responsible decision-making skills through solutions-based projects. Workshops with community partners empower youth to see themselves as creators of positive change so that they may live their fullest expression of themselves. Art in the Garden supports youth knowing the interconnection of all living beings, that we are all whole and all belong.

What we believe

We believe in systems powered by love and justice.

We believe in programming–and a world–that welcomes the whole of each person. We are intentionally anti-racist and LGBTQ+ led.

We believe it is a moral imperative to prevent early childhood adversity.

We believe that when we grow in connectedness to ourselves, each other, and the earth, we are able to create healthier communities.

We believe mindfulness practices have the power to help youth as they work to reframe untrue and distorted or limiting beliefs. We believe in creating space for healing transformation of self and community.

We believe that all people deserve access to healthy food.

We believe all people have a right to easily access and enjoy green space.

We believe in an environmental ethic that sequesters carbon, creates wildlife habitat, and increases biodiversity for the benefit of all beings.

We believe in the transformative power and healing potential of art and nature.

Art in the Garden provides free programming and meals to students experiencing poverty, which is particularly crucial during this time. Please consider donating through PayPal Here.

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