Testimonials and Photo Gallery

“My daughter loved her time at camp, coming home with beautiful art, including the brilliant mulberry stains on her face. I loved the week as well, as I felt completely confident that I was leaving my child with a truly kind staff who welcomed her and cared for her particular needs. It felt a bit as if I were also leaving her in the care of the garden itself, which is a splendid, magical space where children can dig and play and learn.” -Parent

“Art in the Garden is the only job I’ve ever had where I can be myself and I am genuinely seen and celebrated, as are the other teachers and all the campers. The culture of community, care, and joy is magical to be a part of. Teaching this curriculum is meaningful to me because it provides crucial yet accessible life skills for anyone existing on the planet. This is the summer camp we all wish we had gone to as kids!” –Teacher

“Thank you for providing a much-needed, encouraging, positive, and creative space for our youth. After a year of quarantine and technology, this camp provided exactly what campers (and I) needed!” -Parent

“People here are more supportive here than other camps.” –Camper

“Both my kids warmed up and connected with the group amazingly fast, and I am 100% sure it is because of the trauma-informed, sensitive, respectful approach that all the adults at the program apply. The kids who had already been at camp before we arrived were all very friendly and kind, and I heard the campers benefit from gentle coaching about how to be welcoming and inclusive of new kids. Both kids came home shocked and happy to have been asked about their pronouns. As a family that doesn’t look like most of the children’s literature they are offered at school, I am so grateful that they could be themselves among people who honor their experiences, feelings, and family world.” -Parent

“Art in the Garden is a camp in the garden with art attached to it. It’s super cool that we have all different types of art workshops like drumming and graffiti. We get to do so much art. It’s outdoors and active and has a bunch of fruit trees. I get to see my friends.” – Campers

“Art in the Garden has free meals, and I love that.” – Camper

My girl is a non verbal girl in the spectrum, but every time I took the bag with the clay on it she got very excited. She and her brother also liked the painting part. As a mom, I liked the lunches, books and the teacher and staff people. I look forward to next year!”

Kaas taught my boys about conflict resolution. Ashley taught them to express themselves positively.”

“AITG is one of the most inclusive, understanding,
and woke groups I have ever had the opportunity to work with. They consider everyone in every situation and stride towards inclusivity and fairness.” 
– Teacher

The Art in the Garden program has been a wonderful and transformative experience for me. Teaching and learning outdoors in nature has been a healing journey. The curriculum pedagogy and the lifestyle practices of the community makes the program influential for adults and children. As a PA Certified K-12 Art Teacher and Lead Teacher of Art in the Garden, I believe this has been a deep and meaningful professional development opportunity for me as an educator and community partner. Because of Art in the Garden, I now plan to facilitate a community garden in my neighborhood. More neighborhoods would benefit from programs similar to Art in the Garden.” -Teacher

“The Clay Workshop was such an important part of our week because we don’t know many people here yet since we just moved here. My kids got to interact with other kids and that was great. Also the meals we got helped immensely. I appreciate this program so much. Everybody is so nice and helpful and the garden is such a beautiful space.” -Parent

My child has so much fun. Thank you for an awesome camp!” -Parent

“I believe that the use of the skills taught by AITG helps to normalize the ways in which my child experiences the world. Through exposure and through practice and shared language, he is more receptive to using the skills and tools he has learned to help him navigate conflicts, bring self-awareness to a given situation.” -Parent

“Camp offered a safe, calm place for my daughter to do the kinds of basic things she does not get a chance to do at school and that bring her joy. She could sit, think, get dirty, pick fruit. Her teacher was soft spoken and had an even, calm energy that helped my daughter be more receptive to hearing about emotions and strategies for self-regulation.” – Parent

“This camp is perfect.” – Camper

“Practicing conflict resolution with new friends was an invaluable opportunity for my child. She came home singing every day.” -Parent