Trauma-Informed Care Trainings

Surviving to Thriving training seminars are open to the public. Our vision is for Pittsburgh to become a model for best practices in trauma-informed care. In order to support this vision, we at OMA Pittsburgh hold Surviving to Thriving seminars. Surviving to Thriving is a bridge designed to connect educators, community organizations, families and professionals across generations and the healthcare spectrum.

Trauma-Informed Care is a “framework of thinking and interventions that are directed by a thorough understanding of the profound neurological, biological, psychological, and social effects trauma has on an individual—recognizing that person’s constant interdependent needs for safety, connections, and ways to manage emotions/impulses.” –Crisis Intervention Institute

Children’s Mandate: If you don’t think what I think, feel what I feel, experience what I experience, and see what I see when I look at myself, others and the world around me, how can you possibly know what is best for me?

REGISTER HERE for our upcoming training on Saturday June 5th, 9:00 am EST – 12:30 pm EST

Callie Gropp—moderator
Gail Hunter—Overview of Trauma, ACE’s and Trauma-Informed Training
Mai Nguyen—Compassionate Inquiry: A Trauma-Informed Approach Developed by Dr. Gabor Mate
Marilyn Carpenter—Tai Chi Movement and Self Care
Anita Russell—Why Trauma-Informed Care Must be Explicitly Anti-Racist
Robin Clarke—Trauma-Informed Care is Self Care
Jamal Jones, DC Peace Team—Relational Trauma and Restorative Justice


Restorative School Implementation Guide

Trauma Informed Restorative Discipline

Dr. Gabor Mate’s Wisdom of Trauma movie trailer and resources

Dr. Gabor Mate’s Wisdom of Trauma companion booklet HERE

Guidebook for emotional regulation from the Starr Institute HERE

If you are interested in learning more or joining in our work, please reach out. The possibilities that emerge when we connect and collaborate to prevent and better respond to adversity and build resilience brings us great hope.

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