Camp 2020!

Join us for a Virtual Summer Camp with Art in the Garden: June 29-August 7th.

OMA Pittsburgh’s Art in the Garden invests in the resiliency and social-emotional development of youth and families. To care for the health of all involved, and to prevent the spread of covid-19, Art in the Garden will be a virtual camp. Through this six-week program, we are committed to providing engaging activities in the arts and ecology that foster social and emotional growth and help meet the needs of your family.  

How it works: Each week campers will be provided with a Camp Kit (with all of the supplies needed and some extras for additional at-home projects), short videos in art-making, yoga, meditation, and ecology, and one virtual class where campers can create together with teaching artists and new and old friends alike. Families can also sign up to receive masks and free weekly meals. Material pick up will occur on a designated day.

Weekly Themes:

  • Week 1: Identifying Emotions
  • Week 2: Self-Image
  • Week 3: Self-Management
  • Week 4: Perspective Taking
  • Week 5: Acceptance
  • Week 6: Communication

Camp #1: Adventures, Stories, and Comics (Grades 3rd-6th*)

Virtual Class: Thursdays 2-3 pm 

Join us this summer as we venture into our imaginations and create stories inspired by the adventures of our everyday lives and the world around us. We will use pencils, markers, comic templates, colorful fibers, nature, and the wonder that can be found all around to comics, 3D character puppets and more! We can explore superpowers, illustration, sequence, comic design, drawing text, and even performance. We will learn and make together through a weekly virtual class, videos, and explorations in and around our own homes. Discover ways to stay connected to fellow campers as we each create our own adventures, stories, and comic books!

*At this point we anticipate being flexible with these grade-level groupings. Contact us if you think your child(ren) would benefit from this camp and will not be entering grades 3-5 in the fall.

Camp #2: Mural Making Camp (all ages family camp)

Virtual Class: Wednesdays 5-6 pm 

We invite you to join us in creating a community mural. The mural will be a mosaic of colorful clay pieces participants make. We will use clay and materials you find in nature and around your home to create imaginative clay pieces. Each week, enrolled families will pick up a clay kit from Borland Garden to take home.  In addition to making pieces for the mural, you will have the opportunity to make clay pieces to keep such as pinch pots and a broomstick jar. Through virtual classes, The Clay Project leaders will teach you how to develop your skills creating out of clay and provide a space to be together and meet new friends. The whole family is encouraged to join. When restrictions are lifted, we will plan the building of the mural at Borland Garden. We hope that you will join us for this beautiful collaboration!

I took my daughter, who was three, to a mommy and me class; it was the first clay class I ever took. Soon after, I was making ceramics on my own and got an Emerging Artist Award at the Three River’s Arts Festival. Everyone has that creative spark. In making art, you become more resourceful, it empowers you to think outside the box. We all think we’re safe if we do the things we know how to do, and art gives us a space to take risks, to fail, and try again. In these mural making sessions, we make from our hands. If you make a nice little pinch pot and we fire it and you put it on a shelf, that will have meaning to you–meaning that goes beyond the beauty of the object you created–and you’ll think about it for the rest of your life.

–Sandra Moore, Art in the Garden Teaching Artist

At Home with Ecology: Each week, campers will have access to a short video that prompts new ways of thinking about and relating to the natural world, expanding their awareness through simple exercises and activities.

Yoga: Each week, campers will have access to a short yoga video. These videos will support your child (and you!) in developing strength and coordination as well as bodily awareness. Being aware of sensations and feelings in our bodies increases our ability to self-regulate intense emotions, reduces stress and conflict, and enables us to feel healthier and happier.

Meditation: Each week, campers will have access to a short meditation video. We will practice various kinds of meditation including sitting meditation, walking meditation, laughing meditation, and eating meditation. Why do we meditate? When we meditate, we are more easily able to get in touch with whatever is happening right now and accept it as it is: the warm breeze on our face, the scrape on our knee, the sound of someone’s voice, whatever we’re feeling. Doing this helps us to experience our true nature, to love and accept ourselves just the way we are. As we grow in acceptance and compassion for ourselves, we grow in acceptance and compassion for others as well.

FREE MEALS: Weekly meals are provided free by Earthen Vessels for you to take home.

WHERE: Camp kit pick-up is at Borland Garden, which is located in East Liberty at the corner of Black Street and North Beatty Street.

WHEN: While you may enroll for select weeks, camp is designed as a six-week program from June 29-August 7th.

COST: In order to promote economic justice, Art in the Garden uses a sliding scale fee. Camp is FREE for all children eligible for free/reduced lunch. All others others are asked to pay between $15-$50 per child per week, based on what works for your family. *Donating above the suggested range helps us to cover our costs. Please consider donating HERE.

Registration for the summer of 2020: Stay tuned for enrollment link. Please email artinthegardenpgh (at) to be contacted for future events and programming.